Beginner Yoga Classes

Beginner Yoga Classes

So many people say they want to start doing yoga or at least give it a go. We read and hear about the benefits of yoga everywhere and it has become widely known how yoga can help with both your physical and mental health.

While many people have the intention of starting yoga classes, only a small percentage will actually take action and enroll in a class.

There are different levels of “beginner” and it can sometimes be hard to gauge what level you are truly at. Some people may be a complete yoga beginner but they are otherwise quite fit and supple.

Some are complete beginners at yoga and they also have not done any physical exercise in years. This can make it more of a challenge.

Generally speaking, beginner classes cater for anyone who has not done yoga before. Most of what you do and learn can be applied regardless of the physical shape you are in. It is important that you always stay within your own physical limitations at first and gradually build up over time.

People who start yoga dnsee real personal transformation tend to approach the classes in a certain way. Here are some great tips to help you model the basic steps to success when you start beginner yoga classes.

1. Commit To It

Many people start with great enthusiasm when they first enroll but when life gets busy and things come up, they abandon their yoga goals.

It is important that you commit yourself fully when you enroll. We recommend you enroll in a program where you can progress. Seeing progress in yourself not only motivates you but it will ensure that you keep going – even when life gets busy.

2. Throw Yourself Into It Completely

When you start a beginner yoga class or yoga program you need to throw yourself into it completely. A lot of things will be new and some of it may even be strange.

When you throw yourself into it completely then you can let go of your own inhibitions and fully surrender to the process. As long as you allow your own inhibitions to keep you “safe” you will always be holding back.

Approach your yoga class as a beginner – that is to say you come to learn. You are learning a great practice that has endured the test of time and in doing it you tap into an age old practise.

If you are interested in the ideas around yoga, do some reading and as you start getting more curious about yoga and its rich history you will develop a greater understanding and respect for yoga.

3. Come Prepared

There is an old saying that failing to plan is planning to fail. Being prepared is an important part of getting the most out of your beginner classes. Turning up unprepared is one of the main reasons why many people do not enjoy their first class.

Make sure you have a good quality yoga mat, you have water and the right clothing. Turn up in time to make sure you don’t miss the introduction and make sure you do some reading about yoga classes beforehand.

Also, watch what you eat and drink for at least 2 to 3 hours before your class. Stay away from heavy meals and anything that can cause bloating. It makes yoga so much more unpleasant if you feel heavy and bloated.

4. Challenge Yourself

There is a balance between challenging yourself and not overdoing it – especially in the beginning. If you have physical limitations then you want to take it easy and build your strength and flexibility over time.

You want to make sure you challenge yourself though. If it’s not a challenge then you will simply get bored and lose interest.

The great thing about yoga is that even at a beginner level you can put as much or as little into the poses as your own physical movement allows.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Change

Not all yoga classes will be a perfect fit for everyone. If you really dislike something about your first yoga class then it is normal. Don’t quit.

We usually ask you to give it a fair go and do at least 3 classes before you really bag it. If something about the class puts you off then you should change.

Find a new class, find a new instructor or find a new yoga studio. Classes vary greatly from one studio to another or from one instructor to another. You need to find someone or some place that fits your character and personality.

Yoga Parramatta offers a range of classes with a dozen qualified instructors. We cater extensively for the beginner levels of yoga and our courses and walk-in classes makes it easy to join and find your ideal fit.

Please feel free to reach out to us or drop us a message to arrange a visit so you can meet our friendly staff.

Yoga Classes Parramatta

Yoga Classes Parramatta

Are you thinking of starting yoga classes in Parramatta? There is an old saying “when will now be a good time?”. If you’ve been contemplating it for some time then the only real advice we have for you is to just try it.

The health benefits of yoga is undisputed but that should not be your only consideration. Yoga can be healing and you will reap the benefits in both your physical and your mental health.

We have beginner yoga classes in Parramatta daily and you really have no excuses not to at least come and try it out.

If you’ve never done any yoga it can be a bit intimidating. If you haven’t been able to touch your toes for year or if you have the balance of a limp giraffe, don’t worry about it.

Everyone has to start somewhere and you do not need to become a yogi to enjoy yoga classes. All our teachers know what its like to work with complete beginners and the safe environment in our yoga studio will make you feel right at home.

Before you start your first classes, here are some simple tips to help you settle in and get the most out of your yoga experience.

1. Basic equipment

All you really need is a yoga mat. You can get a cheap one for Target but if you are serious about Yoga we recommend you spend a bit more as it will make your time on the floor more comfortable.

Yoga socks are also a great addition as it will keep your feet nice and warm while providing some much needed non-slip traction. Some people just don’t like going barefoot in public spaces and if that’s you then invest in some yoga socks.

Lastly, wear loose comfortable clothes that won’t restrict your movement. Be sure to also bring a towel and some water to stay hydrated at all times.

2. Don’t compare yourself to others

In any beginner yoga class you will find some people who just “get it” straight away. There will also be people who look like they are from another planet. Both are okay.

Never compare yourself to others. You need to go at your own pace and you are on your own yoga journey. It is not about how good you are. It’s all about how good the experience is for you.

3. Respect your own body

No one knows your body like you do. Yu and only you know your limitations and this is a really important point.

There is a fine line between pushing yourself and going too far. If you haven’t done much physical movement in some time then you need to pay particular attention to what your body tells you is safe.

It is better to start slow and work your way up.

4. Trust in your teacher

Our Parramatta yoga classes are run by trained teachers. They know what they are doing and have vast experience in conducting beginner classes.

Trust in your teacher and follow their lead. They will never push you to do anything you shouldn’t but they will give you the encouragement to stretch yourself when needed.

5.Relax and enjoy it

The best way to get the most out of your beginner yoga class is to just relax and let go. You have to surrender to the experience and (literally) go with the flow.

Yoga is a great way to reduce stress and it gives you a great opportunity to just release all the fears and worries in the outside world and turn your attention inwards. Reconnecting with yourself will leave you feeling great and help you immensely with your own mental health.

Parramatta Yoga Classes

yoga class in Parramatta Sydney

Our Parramatta Yoga classes have a friendly and inviting atmosphere. We are more a community than a “studio”.

One of the great things about yoga is that you can enjoy it at every level – and reap the mental and physical benefits in the process.

If you are a beginner we recommend you start with 1 or 2 classes per week or enroll in any beginner program. Programs are great because it helps you start at the bottom and work your way up to a certain level.

Once you progress from the beginner level you have a lot of options for classes and programs. You may be interested in Bikram or hot yoga which is very popular for anyone who wants to get a more active workout.

Yoga classes are suitable for anyone from the age of 7 all the way up to 70. The benefits of yoga for people over 60 is immense and yoga amongst the elderly community is gaining in popularity. It is safe, fun and a totally new and exciting experience.

If you are interested in joining a beginner yoga class then Yoga classes Parramatta would like to welcome you. Please get in touch with us and we will help and guide you to find the perfect class or program that suits your needs.

Mums and Bubs Yoga

Parramatta Mums and Bubs Yoga

Mums and bubs yoga is a unique yoga class for new mothers and their babies. Finding the time, the place and the appropriate activity to get some physical exercise with a newborn is hard. Mums and bubs yoga solves this problem in more than one way.

Many moms take up prenatal yoga during pregnancy and the amazing benefits often lead new moms to seek out yoga shortly after birth. While pregnancy yoga is mostly focussed on the coming birthing experience, mums and bubs yoga is mostly about mom.

It is recommended you only start doing physical exercise after at least 6 weeks postnatal. It is always safest to check with your obstetrician or midwife to get the all clear. If you had a C-section then you may have to wait a bit longer.

Mums and bubs yoga classes are set up in a way that you can easily start at any point although some teachers prefer to follow a set program. If you have some yoga experience it may help but complete beginners can quickly get the hang of it.

So, why mums and bubs yoga? Here are some of the main benefits to both mom and baby. I will also add that you don’t really need a reason other than to just get out of the house!

Newborns are demanding and is a 24/7 job. A yoga class may just be what you need to keep your sanity. We would love to have you at our mums and bubs yoga in Parramatta.

7 Benefits of Mums and Bubs Yoga Classes

Mums and Bubs Yoga in Parramatta

Yoga as a practise has many physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. Moms and bubs yoga is a very simplified form of yoga and is quite informal. The really great part is that you do not need to worry about a screaming baby or a quick nappy change mid-class. Here are the 7 top benefits of mums and bubs yoga classes.

1. Regain Strength and Balance

After 9 months of pregnancy you have lost a lot of muscle and flexibility. Your body went through a lot of changes and now you can start rebuilding that. Yoga is a safe and gentle way to reactivate your muscles and regain strength and muscle tone.

While a mums and bubs class won’t give you a massive workout, it is enough to get you started and to get you moving again.

Poor posture is a common symptom of pregnancy and breastfeeding and yoga can help you correct that.

2. Balance Your Hormonal System

Yoga includes a lot of stretching and breathing work. The breathing exercises can be incredibly beneficial to your hormonal system. During pregnancy your hormones played a massive role in keeping your baby healthy and even in helping your baby come into this world.

Restoring your hormonal balance will not only help you feel better but plays an important part in your own mental health.

3. Connectig With Yourself

When you have a new baby it can be overwhelming. The initial joy is soon met by your baby’s many demands. If you are a first time mom then everything is new and you will face a lot of uncertainties.

All the focus is on your baby. It can be easy to forget about the most important person in your baby’s life and that is you. You need to look after yourself and staying connected to yourself is incredibly important.

Yoga has long been used as a spiritual practise and the basic idea of connecting to the self is still one of the main reasons why people are drawn to yoga and yoga classes.

4. Relaxation and Stress Relief

The constant demand of your new baby can be overwhelming. Between feeding, sleeping and bathing there is hardly any time for anything else. Very few babies sleep and feed perfectly. There are always challenges and this can cause a lot of stress.

Yoga is a perfect escape from all the stress of being a new mom. A 45 minute mums and bubs yoga class even just once a week can do wonders for lowering your stress and making you feel calm and relaxed.

When you are calm and relaxed it tends to transfer to your baby.

5. Stimulates Your Baby

Mums and bubs yoga is not just for mom. It incorporates a lot of gentle movements and sensory stimulation for newborns. Many hospitals offer introductory classes in baby massage and exercises that you can do with your baby to aid in their development.

Physical movement is an important part of a baby’s development and there are many programs that help with this. Gymbaroo is a very popular program across Australia that incorporates a lot of physical movement with sensory stimulation.

6. Bonding Experience

The yoga class can be a great bonding experience for you and your baby. There are not many activities you can do with a newborn and having a class is a great way to get out – just the two of you!

You will learn some great skills that you can take back home with you – exercises and stretches you can do with your baby at home. Babies generally love the yoga experience.

The calm and relaxing atmosphere in a yoga studio instantly calms babies down and you will be surprised how many “rowdy babies”

7. Connecting and Networking

A mums and bubs class can be a great place to meet other moms. The mothers groups programs across Australia are proof how well it works when you connect with other like minded moms.

These yoga classes are as much about socializing with other moms as it is about the yoga and exercise.

It is also a time to remove yourself from the stressful baby environment at home and be out and about where you can discuss your problems, fears and joys with other moms who are most likely feeling exactly how you are feeling.

Hot Yoga Parramatta

hot yoga parramatta
hot yoga parramatta

If you are looking for hot yoga Parramatta then our studio might be a perfect fit. This modern form of yoga has taken the world by storm and is fast becoming the most popular form of yoga around. Traditional yoga can be quite “slow” but hot yoga is very different.

In the 1970’s a very well renowned yogi invented a new style of yoga that he named after himself. He called it Bikram yoga and it was aimed at giving novices a better experience of yoga.

One of the main features of this new form of yoga was that it took place in a very hot room – we are talking sauna hot!

These hot conditions are by design and are based on many theories about how the hot conditions can help. While these theories have drawn a lot of support and criticism, the fact remains that people absolutely love hot yoga – especially here in Parramatta.

What is Hot Yoga?

The formal form of hot yoga is called Bikram yoga and follows a very strict process and procedure as originally outlined by Bikram Choudhury. Bikram instructors need to be certified and they will all follow the very strict guidelines when conducting classes.

Because of that many yoga studios have adapted this and because they do things slightly different and do not want to be restricted by Bikram they now have their own forms of Bikram. Since its not following the guidelines it can’t be called Bikram yoga so it is just called hot yoga.

Hot yoga is very similar to Bikram and often is exactly the same. Essentially it is a form of Hatha yoga which is a traditional yoga made up of a series of 26 set poses accompanied by breathing exercises. The twist is that this all takes place in a 105 degree room! And the class usually lasts for about 90 minutes.

Why Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga is a very low impact exercise which makes it ideal for anyone who has any sort of injury or even just for people who hate exercises like running. The hot conditions are said to have a lot of benefits – the most obvious being that it really gets your heart rate up.

A hot yoga session will leave you feeling like you had a proper workout – without the aches and pains. A common response after a hot yoga session is that it leaves you feeling refreshed. This is mainly because of all the sweating.

parramatta hot yoga

The idea of the hot room and sweating is to help you eliminate toxins. The hot conditions demand a massive water intake during the 90 minute sessions which also helps a lot with this process of eliminating toxins.

Here are some of the main benefits of hot yoga:

  • Burn more calories: the hot conditions leads to an increased heart rate which helps you burn more calories and eventually helps you lose weight.
  • Increase blood flow to your arms and legs helping to improve circulations
  • Improve muscle tone and flexibility
  • Great stress reliever: the hot conditions and excellent breathing exercises will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed.

If you are thinking of doing hot yoga in Parramatta then we would love to have you at our studio. We have a bustling group of enthusiastic people and the classes are a lot of fun.

Be sure to clear this with your doctor as certain pre-existing conditions are not recommended when doing hot yoga. It is also not suitable for anyone who is pregnant or suffers from asthma.

Make sure you bring a lot of water and a big towel. You will also need to bring your own yoga mat. We recommend a mat that is large enough for you as you will be doing a lot of sweating. If it’s your first visit, please be there well before the class starts so you can familiarize yourself with what’s about to happen.

Your first hot yoga class will probably not be what you expect it to be. It is very different and for many its a bit of a shock to the system. We strongly encourage you to stick with it. Most students only really start catching on after their second or third class.

The long term benefits of hot yoga is amazing and once you get hooked you will really start seeing some big changes in both the way you look and the way you feel.

The 5 Benefits of Doing Pregnancy Yoga in Parramatta

pregnancy yoga parramatta
pregnancy yoga parramatta

If you are thinking of doing pregnancy yoga in Parramatta then we would love to welcome you to our studio. Parramatta is now one of the fastest growing urban centers in the Greater Wester Sydney area and our world class facilities are loved by both yoga enthusiasts and total newbies.

If you’ve never done any form of yoga before then pregnancy yoga will be a real mind opening experience. Its not just about exercise. Its about connecting – connecting with your own body and with your baby.

It also provides you with a lot of ‘tools’ that you can take with you into labour. The relaxation and breathing techniques that you will learn has helped many new moms experience a more peaceful and memorable birthing experience.

Without getting ahead of ourselves, let’s look at some of the main benefits of pregnancy yoga in our Parramatta studio.

1. Location

If you live or work in the Parramatta area then we are conveniently located. With more and more yoga studios offering prenatal yoga it is different than a few years ago where you had to travel across town to find a good prenatal class.

We are happy to offer some of the most popular classes and our reputation is second to none. We strongly believe that if it’s convenient then you are much more likely to attend classes. If it’s a hassle to get there then you will more likely find excuses.

2. Lower Blood Pressure

There are many different forms of exercise for pregnant women. Gentle walking and swimming are also great options apart from yoga. However, studies have shown that pregnancy yoga can lower your blood pressure during pregnancy – a problem that many women have to manage otherwise.

During pregnancy your circulation expands and that causes your blood pressure to drop. This can lead to dizziness and could lead to further complications.

This is why strenuous exercise is not recommended as it can lead to strokes, heart attacks and even poses a danger to your baby.

The gentle nature of yoga makes it a very safe way to help manage your blood pressure during pregnancy.

3. Manage Weight

Gaining weight when you are pregnant is perfectly normal. One of the big challenges is that because you become less mobile you get a lot less exercise. On top of that, your eating habits will change dramatically as you will naturally develop different cravings.

Pregnancy yoga offers you the ideal way to stay active without placing additional strain on your body. While brisk walks will provide more significant cardiovascular workouts, yoga is still effective to help keep you active during a period of increased inactivity.

Starting yoga while pregnant and continuing on post pregnancy can be a great way to regain your strengths and flexibility. Many moms-to-be become hooked on yoga during their pregnancy and go on to enjoy it for years to come as they regain their strength, flexibility and lose the pregnancy pounds.

4. Reduce Risk Of Complications

Stress is a big factor in a whole series of complications during pregnancy and birth. There are many stress factors during your pregnancy that can affect you dramatically. The additional stress that comes from the unknown can cause anxiety and even depression.

Yoga is probably best known for its mental and emotional benefits. Yoga will help you relax and calm your mind and your body. It also teaches you ways to stay calm and to be more mindful.

Studies have shown that regular yoga while pregnant can significantly reduce preterm births.

5. Birthing Experience

The birthing experience is one of the most memorable experiences you will have in your life. Yoga can help you have a more pleasant birthing experience both mentally and physically.

Physically, pregnancy yoga will help you strengthen your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles which plays an important part during childbirth.

Mentally, the breathing exercises and relaxation techniques can help you stay calm and be more present. Breathing is widely recognized as a very effective method in helping to deliver babies. Most midwives are very well trained in a series of breathing exercises and many of these are derived from Yoga practices.


While walking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, get some fresh air and be active, some months of the year just become incredibly difficult if you are pregnant. During the summer months, Sydney can swelter to 40+ degree temperature.

Exercising in extreme temperatures while you are pregnant is not recommended. The comfort of a yoga studio can be a great refuge. Being in a warm and cozy environment will not only make the experience more pleasant but it will encourage you to keep going.

In conclusion, if you are in Parramatta and looking for pregnancy yoga, please reach out to us. We would be very welcome to have you and our door is always open if you just want to come and have a look around or meet our great instructors for a chat.

Prenatal Yoga Parramatta

prenatal yoga parramatta
prenatal yoga parramatta,pregnancy yoga,parramatta,western sydney

Starting prenatal yoga in Paramatta: If you’ve never done yoga before you may be a bit sceptical before you start any prenatal yoga class. If you have any preconceived ideas of what yoga is and what you will be doing then you can rest at ease.

Prenatal yoga is very different from any other form of yoga. It is specifically designed to be very safe and very gentle.

It is important that you do get the ‘all clear’ from your obstetrician, midwife or GP before you start any form of yoga while pregnant. In most cases there won’t be any issues but if you do have any complications with your pregnancy you will need to discuss it with your doctor before you start any classes.

Prenatal yoga classes can be joined at any time during your pregnancy but if you are completely new to yoga its a good idea to start with classes that have an introductory approach.

The most popular times for prenatal yoga classes in Parramatta are in the second and third trimester but towards the end of the third trimester you might not feel like it at all.

Prenatal yoga is widely considered as one of the safest forms of exercise for pregnant women. Many obstetricians recommend it as it helps with both your physical and mental well being.

What is Prenatal Yoga?

It is a form of yoga that is specifically designed for pregnancy. It consists of a series of exercises, breathing and meditations to help connect mind and body.

Traditional yoga can be quite strenuous with a lot of stretches and even active poses. None of these are present in prenatal yoga and that makes it safe.

With the focus on breathing, meditation and gentle movement it helps pregnant women to connect with their own bodies and their babies.

Why Prenatal Yoga?

During your pregnancy there will be a lot of pesky niggles and symptoms like back pain, bloating, swelling and fatigue. These are all very normal and most women suffer from at least one of these.

Gentle exercise can be a great way to help alleviate these symptoms. As you approach labour, you tend to become less mobile and staying active can become harder and harder.

Prenatal yoga is a great option to stay active in a safe and very gentle way. Keeping your body moving without attempting traditional exercises is invaluable.

Prenatal yoga is also heavily focused on preparing you for labour. Breathing exercises and learning to focus your thoughts can help you immensely when the big day arrives.

When you attend prenatal classes in Parramatta you will also meet a lot of like minded moms. It can be a great bonding experience and a lot of new moms make ‘yoga friends’ for life.

prenatal yoga parramatta,parramatta

What To Expect In A Prenatal Yoga Class

There are a few variations of how these classes are run as each yoga instructor have their own approach. The basics are quite similar though and the classes usually follow this basic structure.

Introduction – where everyone introduces themselves and you get a chance to meet the other moms and your instructor. Your instructor will also give you a brief overview of the class and some key points about being safe.

  • Relaxation – the class will start with some gentle relaxation exercises to help you breathe fully and focus inwards.
  • Warmup – a short warmup is designed to get you moving and activate your muscles. This is usually followed by some gentle stretches to help with the warmup.
  • Standing vinyasa flow – these are poses to help with abdominal toning and pelvic floor movements. This is then followed by chest opening poses to help with deep diaphragmatic breathing.
  • Stretching – the vinyasa flow is followed by some gentle stretching that is designed to place no strain on the pelvic area.
  • Savasana – this modified form of savasana is designed to ‘chill you out’. You will be on your back and depending on your stage of pregnancy you will have your back lifted or on your side. This is a really peaceful pose and will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

During your prenatal yoga class in Parramatta we strongly encourage you to remain safe at all times. If you start feeling dizzy or unwell at any stage you need to alert your instructor.

If any of the poses make you feel uncomfortable, don’t do it. In the end you know your own body and you know when to stop.

The recommended session time is about 30 minutes. Exercising for longer than that during your second and third trimester is not recommended and if you have a yoga session, don’t try and combine this with more exercise later in the day. More is not always better.

We would be happy to have you at prenatal yoga Parramatta where you can join a bustling group of moms-to-be.

5 Reasons To Start Yoga Classes In Parramatta

Yoga Classes In Parramatta
Yoga Classes In Parramatta, parramatta yoga class

Are you thinking of starting yoga classes in Paramatta? Whether you are visiting Western Sydney, are new in the area or even if you grew up here we would love to introduce you to our amazing yoga studio.

Everyone has their own reason why they want to start or restart yoga in their life. With yoga becoming more popular most of us have some idea of what to expect from yoga.

For some its improving their flexibility and strength while for others its about relaxation and ‘escaping’ the everyday world. For others still its about stress relief or even dealing with anxiety and depression.

Below I’ve laid out a few of the main reasons why we think you would love to do yoga in Parramatta…in our studio 😉

Start Your Day The Right Way

How do you start your day? Do you wake up and start your caffeine routine only to end up tired and exhausted by 10 am?

This is not an uncommon pattern. A powerful way to break this pattern is to start your day differently. Starting your day with a yoga class could just be what you need. When you start your day with gentle stretching, deep breathing and relaxation your day tends to go very differently.

If you are commuting to and from work in Parramatta then our yoga studio can be perfect for you as a “pit stop”. You don’t have to do it 5 days a week either to reap the benefits of this change.

Stress Relief

If you wake up stressed and just rushing to get to work, then that stress stays with you all day long. You need to find ways to relieve the stress and yoga is a proven strategy that is highly effective for stress reduction.

As many businesses start moving from Sydney CBD to the new hub here in Parramatta, it starts to feel more and more like a bustling city center.

Along with this comes more stress. The business environment is changing and the growing competition often leaves us feeling overworked.

We offer yoga classes in Parramatta 7 days a week and during the week we have extended hours to accommodate you whether you are an early bird or a night owl.

Either way, there is no excuse to miss classes! Our goal is for you to have full benefit from our yoga classes and we know how effective it is as a stress buster.

The temptation is always to work 1 extra hour but do you really need to? An hour spent on your health and your emotional well being is an investment in yourself. Yoga will always leave you feeling refreshed and renewed and one common response we always hear after classes is that our students are “glad they took the hour”.

Put yourself first. Be kind to yourself.

Zero Risk

If you are just starting out with yoga then you might have a lot of preconceived ideas that are just not true. We offer beginner classes on a trial basis so you can come and check it out and see it first hand to see if you like it.

A lot of guys get dragged here by their wives and girlfriends and they usually end up being the most enthusiastic. When you experience how great you feel after just a few yoga sessions you too will be hooked.

Our yoga is not about religion or weird new age stuff. We offer a safe space where everyone feels comfortable. Our instructors are very experienced and know exactly how to approach every level of yoga from absolute newbie to the highly advanced.

Unlike most gyms, we do not lock you in for life. Some of the main concerns are usually that people don’t want to commit to long lock-in contracts and we get that. We offer you full flexibility and give you the opportunity to attend some classes without committing.

Meeting Like Minded People

Lets face it, spending 50 minutes in the gym is not all that exciting. The gym is a lonely world. Everybody just turns up with their headphones glued to their heads and they hardly ever make eye contact.

Most people in the gym are only there working out because they feel like they ‘have to’. There’s no real joy in what they do.

Compare this to our yoga classes in Parramatta and you will see a stark contrast. This is a happy place. It is a place where people actually talk and mingle and make friends. Working out, improving your health and having a lot of fun with other people is a much better way of doing it.

Meeting like minded people will immediately make you feel like you are part of a community – a group of people that just “get you”.

parramatta yoga classes, yoga class

Immense Health Benefits

The numerous health benefits of yoga is undisputed. Many of the hundreds of studies over the last 25 years have only confirmed what ancient yoga practitioners already knew.

Yoga is not just about relaxation and improving your flexibility. That is a very shallow understanding of the real benefits of yoga. Apart from many top athletes using yoga to build greater flexibility, balance and strength it also has benefits that are much more profound.

Yoga is now commonly used to alleviate stress and fatigue. It is also showing more and more evidence in treating many mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.

It reduces stress, improves sleep, alleviates migraines, reduces chronic pain, reduces inflammation and improves cardiovascular health.

The mental health benefits alone should be enough to convince you of joining our yoga classes here in Parramatta. In this crazy world we live in, looking after your own mental health is critical.

Yoga In Parramatta – The 7 Amazing Health Benefits

Yoga In Parramatta,yoga studio in parramatta,western sydney

If you are interested in Yoga in Parramatta then you are in the right place! Over the last decade, numerous studies by some of the top health experts confirmed the massive health benefits of yoga. These studies only confirmed scientifically what ancient culture already knew through real life experience of a regular yoga practice.

Yoga has been around for more than 5000 years and started mainly for meditative use by Vedic priests. The practice of yoga was a way to connect body, mind and spirit and this soon spread to other religions and it quickly evolved.

The fundamentals of yoga have never changed though. The basic idea of connecting body, mind and spirit is still evident today in many modern yoga practices.

Yoga teachers have long promoted the many health benefits of yoga but its only in the last 20 years that it really took off in the western world.

Today, yoga is practiced by many top athletes as well as professionals, housewives and even children. The immense benefit from it both physically and mentally is undeniable.

Here are 7 amazing health benefits of Yoga that we strongly believe in here at Yoga in Parramatta.

1. Reduce Stress

Living in a busy city like Sydney, life can be very stressful. We all suffer from some level of stress and it is one of the biggest reasons why people suffer from poor cardiovascular health.

Yoga has been proven to reduce the body’s secretion of cortisol. Cortisol is the primary stress hormone and was designed to be released by the body in response to a flight-or-fight response.

The combination of breathing, relaxation and physical movement works in harmony to slow down the body and the mind.

parramatta yoga,yoga studios in parramatta

2. Sleep Better

Poor sleep often goes hand in hand with being too stressed. Poor sleep can have immense consequences on both your physical and mental health. It has been associated with high blood pressure, obesity and even depression.

A study in 2005 found that people who practice Yoga regularly fall asleep faster, sleep longer and wake up more rested.

Yoga assists in the secretion of melatonin which is your body’s natural sleep hormone.

3. Improve Flexibility and Balance

Adding yoga to your fitness routine can have immense benefits. In fact, most professional sports now incorporate yoga in some shape or form to help athletes with flexibility and balance.

It doesn’t just work for athletes. In a recent study, 66 elderly participants started yoga and the results were startling. Their flexibility increased by a factor of four after just doing some very basic yoga for 15 – 30 minutes per day.

If you are stuck in your Parramatta office all day then breaking out for 30 minutes of yoga could be all you need to maintain a level of flexibility. A lot of little pains and niggles are the result of your muscles not stretching frequently.

4. Improve Breathing

Breathing is an important part of yoga and most yoga studios like our Parramatta yoga studio place a lot of emphasis on breathing.

Most people are in a habit of breathing poorly. Being hunched over in front of a desk does not promote healthy breathing habits. Breathing properly is incredibly important to your health and even your mood.

The yogic breathing (called Pranayama) techniques has been the subject of numerous studies and the benefits are immense. From improving your mood to increasing lung capacity and even reducing stress.

Deep breathing combined with movement and a calm body can do wonders for the way you feel. It is one of the main reasons why you feel so great after a yoga session. Your body has been fully oxygenated and it leaves you feeling energised and refreshed.

5. Increase Strength

While most people think yoga is all about lying on the floor and contemplating life, the opposite is true. Yoga can be great for increasing strength.

Many of the more advanced yoga poses are specifically designed to increase strength. A more active form of yoga can give you a very challenging workout – something often surprises a lot of gym junkies who only want to have hard workouts.

What makes conditioning with yoga different is that it helps you to build strength in a much safer and more natural way.

There are so many different levels of yoga and it can benefit almost anyone. For beginners, a hard workout through yoga is probably not recommended but as you build up some experience it can be as good as a full gym workout – with all the additional benefits.

Yoga also has a significant effect on anxiety and depression. Mental health has become a big deal in our stressed-out society. This is often even worse in cities where people have more financial and work stress.

Taking an hour a day 3 to 4 times a week for yoga can be life changing. Our yoga studio in Parramatta is very beginner friendly and welcomes all levels of experience. You can start wherever you are.

If you are concerned about many of the spiritual attachments that often come with yoga, then rest assured that this is not an issue. There are absolutely no religious connotations to our yoga practices and the main emphasis is always on mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

If you are interested in starting or restarting Yoga in Parramatta, please reach out to us through the contact forms below or above this website.