Mums and Bubs Yoga

mums and bubs yoga

Mums and Bubs Yoga classes is a unique form of yoga that allows new mums to ease back into physical exercise shortly after the birth of their baby.

While mums and bubs yoga is not a formal or traditional form of yoga, it does adapt well established yoga postures, techniques and teachings to make yoga accessible to new mums.

After nine months of pregnancy and the stress and strain of giving birth your body needs time to recover. We do not recommend any physical exercise for at least 6 months post natal and we also recommend that you always get the all clear from your obstetrician or doctor before you start any form of physical epercise.

Mums and bubs yoga is as much a social encounter as it is a yoga session. It gives mums an “escape” from the stress of dealing with a newborn. Sometimes, just getting out of the house is all you really need.

This is one place where you definitely do not have to worry about a screaming baby, an emergency feed or nappy changes. All the postures are designed to be done with your baby right there with you which also makes this a great bonding experience.

If you did prenatal yoga then this is also a great way to continue your yoga practice.

At our mums and bubs yoga class in Parramatta you will not only get back into physical activity but you will be able to interact and socialize with like minded mums.

Please feel free to contact us today about our mums and bubs yoga classes.