Beginner Yoga Classes

Beginner Yoga Classes

So many people say they want to start doing yoga or at least give it a go. We read and hear about the benefits of yoga everywhere and it has become widely known how yoga can help with both your physical and mental health.

While many people have the intention of starting yoga classes, only a small percentage will actually take action and enroll in a class.

There are different levels of “beginner” and it can sometimes be hard to gauge what level you are truly at. Some people may be a complete yoga beginner but they are otherwise quite fit and supple.

Some are complete beginners at yoga and they also have not done any physical exercise in years. This can make it more of a challenge.

Generally speaking, beginner classes cater for anyone who has not done yoga before. Most of what you do and learn can be applied regardless of the physical shape you are in. It is important that you always stay within your own physical limitations at first and gradually build up over time.

People who start yoga dnsee real personal transformation tend to approach the classes in a certain way. Here are some great tips to help you model the basic steps to success when you start beginner yoga classes.

1. Commit To It

Many people start with great enthusiasm when they first enroll but when life gets busy and things come up, they abandon their yoga goals.

It is important that you commit yourself fully when you enroll. We recommend you enroll in a program where you can progress. Seeing progress in yourself not only motivates you but it will ensure that you keep going – even when life gets busy.

2. Throw Yourself Into It Completely

When you start a beginner yoga class or yoga program you need to throw yourself into it completely. A lot of things will be new and some of it may even be strange.

When you throw yourself into it completely then you can let go of your own inhibitions and fully surrender to the process. As long as you allow your own inhibitions to keep you “safe” you will always be holding back.

Approach your yoga class as a beginner – that is to say you come to learn. You are learning a great practice that has endured the test of time and in doing it you tap into an age old practise.

If you are interested in the ideas around yoga, do some reading and as you start getting more curious about yoga and its rich history you will develop a greater understanding and respect for yoga.

3. Come Prepared

There is an old saying that failing to plan is planning to fail. Being prepared is an important part of getting the most out of your beginner classes. Turning up unprepared is one of the main reasons why many people do not enjoy their first class.

Make sure you have a good quality yoga mat, you have water and the right clothing. Turn up in time to make sure you don’t miss the introduction and make sure you do some reading about yoga classes beforehand.

Also, watch what you eat and drink for at least 2 to 3 hours before your class. Stay away from heavy meals and anything that can cause bloating. It makes yoga so much more unpleasant if you feel heavy and bloated.

4. Challenge Yourself

There is a balance between challenging yourself and not overdoing it – especially in the beginning. If you have physical limitations then you want to take it easy and build your strength and flexibility over time.

You want to make sure you challenge yourself though. If it’s not a challenge then you will simply get bored and lose interest.

The great thing about yoga is that even at a beginner level you can put as much or as little into the poses as your own physical movement allows.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Change

Not all yoga classes will be a perfect fit for everyone. If you really dislike something about your first yoga class then it is normal. Don’t quit.

We usually ask you to give it a fair go and do at least 3 classes before you really bag it. If something about the class puts you off then you should change.

Find a new class, find a new instructor or find a new yoga studio. Classes vary greatly from one studio to another or from one instructor to another. You need to find someone or some place that fits your character and personality.

Yoga Parramatta offers a range of classes with a dozen qualified instructors. We cater extensively for the beginner levels of yoga and our courses and walk-in classes makes it easy to join and find your ideal fit.

Please feel free to reach out to us or drop us a message to arrange a visit so you can meet our friendly staff.