Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga (Pregnancy Yoga)

Prenatal Yoga (Pregnancy Yoga) classes are designed for expecting mums-to-be. While it is not a traditional form of yoga, it is based on established yoga principles and adapted to be “the perfect” form of exercise for expecting moms.

Traditional yoga classes are not recommended for pregnant women. Pregnancy yoga, however is ideal and specifically designed to be gentle enough yet still provide enough physical movement to keep you active in a safe and relaxed way.

Pregnancy yoga focuses a lot on breathing exercises and prepares you in many ways for giving birth. Mental focus and breathing techniques give you very practical tools for when you go into labour.

During your pregnancy, the many changes in your body can cause you to feel discomfort. Yoga can help alleviate symptoms like back pain, bloating and fatigue.

Pregnancy yoga also encourages you to connect with your baby and many pregnant women find that this can be a very emotional experience.

Our prenatal yoga classes are open to women at all stages of pregnancy. The most popular times however is usually in the second and third trimester.

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